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Criminal U is a growing partnership of like-minded people committed to positive change.

For years people have labored for prison reform, calling out to deaf ears. The political will simply wasn’t there, as a 2012 New York Times columnist wrote. But the tipping point is coming, even if largely due to economic necessity.

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Law and order President threatens both

Long before the 2016 election, I wrote that the only bipartisan issue guaranteed to be on both platforms regardless of the candidate was criminal justice reform. Then along came the current president. On his inauguration, several journalists were charged with unprecedented felonies for working during the protests against this administration. Against all the odds, common …


Children of inmates

On the day of his graduation from Criminal U, Andrew Scot Bolsinger took the time to look back at his past mistakes and reflect on the impact it had on his family. His daughter Amanda, a Criminal U team member, is also interviewed for this important project in Oregon.

Inside Innovations: Turning inmates into entrepreneurs

Criminal U enters a new phase of prison reform by working collaboratively with state officials to bring a pilot program that breaks new ground in preparing inmates for their re-integration into society upon release. We are excited to partner with Mike Green, co-founder of ScaleUp America, a national organization empowering urban blind spots with the vision of technology and innovation.