NY prison bus community makes tough trek together

On a winter night in the heart of Brooklyn they gather waiting for a bus that will drive them through the night to visit loved ones in far away prisons in the far northern tip of New York. Most know each other, even though many stand in small groups slightly apart from some and closer …

Justice march focuses on NY state house

NEW YORK—Soffiyah Elijah and the Alliance of Families for Justice have plans. Big plans that include leading a march across the 180-mile swath of New York from Manhattan to the state house in Albany. But the march couldn’t come soon enough, Elijah said, after reading of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to cut costs …

Use Resistbot to contact your senators

Ever heard “write your senators” and thought, “yes, but…” Well, no more buts. New technology called Resistbot will put your words into faxes and send them off for you. The entire process took my four minutes and all I used was my thumbs. I typed in the number 504-09. Then I typed in the message the …


Children of inmates

On the day of his graduation from Criminal U, Andrew Scot Bolsinger took the time to look back at his past mistakes and reflect on the impact it had on his family. His daughter Amanda, a Criminal U team member, is also interviewed for this important project in Oregon.

Inside Innovations: Turning inmates into entrepreneurs

Criminal U enters a new phase of prison reform by working collaboratively with state officials to bring a pilot program that breaks new ground in preparing inmates for their re-integration into society upon release. We are excited to partner with Mike Green, co-founder of ScaleUp America, a national organization empowering urban blind spots with the vision of technology and innovation.