Brooklyn men, convicted in triple murder, released after 21 years in prison – NY Daily News

Brooklyn men, convicted in triple murder, will be released after 21 years in prison – NY Daily News.

My friend Tony is free.

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“Tell those folks praying me, tell Brother Al, I’m free,” he told me.

Brother Al is an 80-something man of God who sent me and Tony cards every single week we were in Criminal U. Many of the readers of this post have prayed for Tony. Today those prayers came true.

After 21 years in the Super Max Attica prison, Tony Yarbough walked out of a free man today.

I called him just a moment ago.

“I’m good. God is just,” he told me. “I’m just with a good friend getting some sneakers.”

Tony went to prison at 18 years of age after his mother was killed and he was framed. The excellent work of his lawyers, including Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma, who took on the case pro bono, uncovered DNA evidence that exonerated Tony.

Today he is free.

The challenges are enormous. I encourage you to donate to his needs, which are incredible. I’ll post information here on how to get money to him through his attorney when I learn how. Check back here for more information. Also, email Tony. You can email him at and we’ll make sure he gets every message.

“No matter how overwhelmed you feel,” I told Tony, “you’re not inside anymore. Remember that.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Praise God.”


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