Tony with Piers on CNN — a long way from Attica

Imagine spending more than two decades in a Super Max prison with nothing but the smallest hope that you’ll ever be a free man again. Then imagine one day you’re told, “you can go.”

Then the next day you are on CNN with Piers Morgan.


That’s what my friend Tony and his co-defendant Sharrif Wilson have gone through. This isn’t a reality TV show, it’s reality, a reality still hitting Tony as he spoke with the CNN host.

Tony told Piers, “I have no words right now.”

It likely didn’t make for the best television, but truer words can’t be spoken. Tony will spend years sorting this one out. Years finding firm steps again in this world that has been so very elusive.

Tony and Sharrif have gone from being virtually forgotten to momentarily famous. Soon the spot light in his life will recede and the hard work of living will begin. But Tony will handle it. He has the strength and character to survive, and as we often say inside Criminal U, “to choose to survive well.”

To make a small contribution to Tony’s well-being, please go to Paypal and donate to his lawyer’s account. The Paypal email address is:  <>

Tony has to find a place to live. He needs every basic item you can imagine. He needs time to breathe and figure life out a bit. Your donation can help him make this transition. Thank you.

Read more about Tony’s journey to freedom here.

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