Spreads 101 about more than just food

You aren’t supposed to leave with stuff in prison. An item inside the barbed wire and bars is worth so much more than what its worth on the outside where its simply run of the mill.

But I confess, I snuck out a box of food when I left. I wanted to make my family and actual prison spread with the real bottom-of-the-line, cheap, processed foods that we are forced to use and pay top price for inside.

I was like so many others that have convinced themselves that prison spreads are great. And they are… inside. Once outside, well, that gourmet cheesecake I made that guys would offer to buy for a steep price just wasn’t that special after-all.

Try it for yourself and see by picking up a copy of our spreads recipe book, which by the way, is about far more than just food.

For an introductory lesson to Criminal U, check out our ebook, Spreads 101: Prison food, culture and recipes available at Amazon.com for your electronic reader. Just $1.99.


For those willing to help spread the word, go to our website home page and click on the free copy link, for a free pdf of the book. It’s free to you and we hope you’ll tell your friends about it to build our network for meaningful prison reform. Thanks!


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