Stories that matter

Screenwriter Dave Elkin once wrote, “I’d never write a story about a character that wasn’t at the end of his rope.”

Tension, be it funny, romantic or fearful, provides the base of a story like celery, carrots and onion for a soup or sauce. It’s vital.

But a good story can do even more. It can make a difference. How do we, as writers, directors and producers of stories, choose the projects we do. Often it starts with that first component, impact, and then we look for the necessary tension to make it come alive. Some may need only tension. We need both. It’s why we exist as a company and sets the course from which we navigate.

What makes a story “matter?” The way it can transform people, inspire us and propel us forward. Stories have almost magical power, which is why their have been storytellers since pictures were drawn on caves. We’re cut from the same cloth. We’re still drawing stories, and we hope, they matter.